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Complete Series Review: School Rumble

So the anime School Rumble revolves around a series of relationships in high school. For the non romance fans don't worry. Its more comedy then romance. If you still don't believe me then look it up on YouTube. The series has two main character: Kenji Harima and Tenma Tsukamoto. Harima is in love with Tenma but Tenma is in love with Karasuma. This love Triangle is pretty crazy considering that Harima is a regular old thug, Tenma is not so much on the bright side, and Karasuma doesn't care about any of this this. All Karasuma wants to do is eat rice balls all day. Either way he's on this roller coaster.

Tenma has a hard time confessing to Karasuma and Harima has the same problem towards Tenma. One day Harima writes two letter: one a love letter to Tenma and the other which is his resignation from school. The thing is that he put the letters into the wrong envelope and tragedy strikes. Tenma gets the resignation letter and tries to convince Harima to stay in school while Harima is on a date with his male homeroom teacher. He couldn't get out of the date. His teacher isn't gay but it was just a coincidence that they went to the movies.

Not being able to confess his love Harima goes into a series of depression. He befriends a pig named Napoleon, At once he becomes Moses and has a horde of animals following him, he even goes onto a ship to ,live out his days but sadly that ends when the Captain tells him to live for his life. Through this he becomes a Mangaka and even gets his series published in a weekly magazine. His manga is about his relationship with Tenma. His manga allows him to confess his feelings while still keeping them deep down in side.

I know I've been talking about the love and most of you want the comedy but I can't explain that in detail. All I can say is that every episode is filled with joy, even though there are sad and romance themes the episodes have just as much comedy as well. When it comes to comedy think of it as Gintama style or even One Piece style of comedy. I wouldn't recommend this show if it wasn't funny.

Besides these three from the picture above you can obviously tell that there are more characters in this school. Starting with Tenma's friends you have the unknown and mysterious Akira, the fun and loving (big boob) Mikoto, and the snobby (bitch) Eri. Tenma has a sister who is one year younger and taller than her but also smarter too. Her name is Yakumo. She's silent and oh so cute. Mikoto's child hood friend and class President Hanai has a crush on her. He's a little dorky but he's also a joy to be around. Next you have the pervy Imadori (my hero) who can tell a girls breast size just by looking. Throughout the series this guy tries too touch em all like Ash and Pokemon. The kind and sweet yet aggressive wrestler Karen has crush on the perv Imadori. Why she likes him, well you'll have to watch it in order to find out. There are a lot more characters but these are the characters closest to Tenma. In School Rumble relationships are formed and destroyed. It may be an anime but it has real life problems and you can relate to it. School Rumble though it be only 54 episodes is one of my favorite anime of all time. I also recommend the dub because its a lot easier to watch. I promise you that you will love this anime for all eternity. I'm done for now and I'll see you later. See ya!
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