Thursday, October 31, 2013

weekly obsessions 8

Fables Comic - I started reading the comic Fables about a few weeks ago. I don't know if you pay attention to video/computer games like I do, but Telltale Games just released a video game based off of these comics. I like Telltale Games for their iPad game series Puzzle Agent. Anyway! Fables is about fairy tale characters living amongst humans in NYC. & it is really interesting to see all the references they make to things that happened in the storybook. The characters are also totally not like the innocent, Disney-like, type that we're used to. They are murders, thieves, and even prostitutes. The comic book series is longgggggggggggggg. & my torrent king was able to get them all for me.Because, comics are not cheap.& I don't even read comics! But I like this one a lot!It's cool to see that Prince Charming is now a gigalo, that the big bad wolf is in love with Snow White. & that Beauty & Beast have martial issues. Check it out.

Hot Chocolate - My daily blood transfusion. Extra whip cream.

Corn Muffins - What? Omg. I'm not a muffin person, I'm not even a cupcake person. But, recently in my school cafeteria, something called me over to the corn muffins. & it was soooooooo good. But, while I was eating it, I kept coming across a chewy surprise. At first I was like oh, it's nuts.Then I thought it was some type of bland raisin.But noooooooo, it was actual corn niblets in the muffin!Pure bliss :']
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October 31, 2013

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Animes i have seen

All the anime/manga i have watched/ read. Okay this won't be exact because i have watched and read A LOT of different series so this is me trying to remember

* Bleach

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Promote Yourself:Anime Minneapolis announces Leah Clark


Leah Clark is a Random Force Of Nature working as a voice actress and script adapter for FUNimation Entertainment and voice artist for DuArt Films. She has also worked as a director for FUNimation as well as a stage actress in the Dallas-Ft Worth TX area. Some of her most memorable voice roles include Nodoka in Negima; Suzuka in Suzuka; Rin in Toriko; Fuyuki in Sgt Frog; Blair in Soul Eater; Minatsuki in Deadman Wonderland; Saki in Eden of the East; Nora in Spice and Wolf; Minami in Baka and Test; Jiji in Princess Jellyfish; Noah in Full Metal Alchemist--Conqueror of Shamballa; Coby and Miss Doublefinger in One Piece; Paris in Shin Chan; Eri in School Rumble; Maron in Dragonball GT; Carlita in Pokemon the Movie: Black/White--Victini and Reshiram; and Maru in XXXHolic.

Other notable works include: Aria in Aria, the Scarlet Ammo; Homura/Kagari in Sekirei; Akane in Rumbling Hearts; Ruby in Rosario + Vampire; Tenhou in Oh! Edo Rocket; Akagawa/Red Ranger in Level E; Hikari in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (not) Advance; Miyabi in Freezing; Kagura in Ga Rei Zero; Miya Miya in Bamboo Blade; Doyle in Pokemon; and Mayu Otsuka in Darker Than Black. This year, Leah can be heard as Murmur in Future Diary; Yu in Guilty Crown; Giselle in Last Exile-Fam, the Silver Wing; as well as roles in Steins Gate, Wolf Children and Is This a Zombie?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Have You Killed Your Kill Today?

So what are you doing right now, friends? Doing the dishes? Waiting for the pizza guy to deliver a hot box of cheesy shame? Jackin' it? You're probably jackin' it. Not that I care, or anything, I'm just saying...


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Voice Actor/Actress Appreciation Post #2

I know it's kind of boring for me to do the same post on consecutive days... but it's just how I feel today. As for today's VA, I'd like to highlight Horie Yui. Horie Yui voiced several characters I really liked in their respective series, a few include: Kotori from the first two Da Capo seasons, Minori from Toradora, Eri from School Rumble, Ryuunosuke and his program, Maid-chan, from Sakurasou, and Akane from Yuru Yuri. Today I'd like to highlight her characters in Toradora, School Rumble, and Sakurasou.

Horie Yui (Image taken from:

Monday, October 7, 2013

On choosing and continuing anime series

I watch a lot of anime. Not as much as those people who marathon late into the night, but a good amount. After a while, you come across the problem of, do I continue to watch this? There are different ways to deal with this. Asking it in the beginning of a series, some people have a 3 episode rule, always watching the first 3 before deciding. Another is to watch the first episode, and see if theres anything you like. Often this is combined with the 3 rule. Some watch the whole series regardless, because it bothers them not to finish, or they keep saying, but it could get good. Its often a good idea to look at the review if you are in doubt. Usually the majority can tell you if its worth watching or not. But sometimes stuff you'd really like is specific to you, and most people dont think its spectacular. For me that was shows like school rumble, where I'd be laughing uncontrollably at it almost every episode. But it doesnt seem to be that way for some people. Ultimately only you know whether you'd enjoy it. Pacing is important. Some shows change pace as they catch up to their manga source. Like one piece now is 1 episode= 1 chapter. Hunter X Hunter is still at 2-3 chapters an episode. Slower can mean more in depth, more often meaning drawn out scenes, which sometimes have a bit more detail to them since the timeslot has to be filled.

Hoarding anime you are going to watch, is it a good idea? I used to think so, afraid I'd forget. But time passes, and as you go through the list sometimes you don't care about what you did before. And it gets huge. I used to have to scrap my list every year because itd get too large. Now I realize it was just a thing to give me false security that I'd remember to watch it later. If you really want to see it, I feel you'll remember. Watching anime, do you do other things at the same time? I used to, but then it was harder to judge if I really wanted to see the series or not. So now I make it full screen, and unless I have a good reason for moving to another thing, I have to scrap the series if I close the window. If I find it too boring, I throw it in a bookmark folder called revive?, and give it time. If I forget about it, then its gone.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 2: Your Dream Profession. (Go into detail and explain your answer.)


That's my ultimate dream. Being a voice actress was my first dream and I haven't given up on it yet. I really want to be a voice actress. Voice actresses and actors are cool. For me they have the coolest profession in the whole world! THEY CAN MOVE PEOPLE TO TEARS JUST BY THEIR VOICES HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? Well, of course they really can't do the moving-people-to-tears-just-by-their-voices thing without the help of the story and the facial expressions of the anime or whatever they're giving voice, but still they're amazing!