Thursday, October 31, 2013

weekly obsessions 8

Fables Comic - I started reading the comic Fables about a few weeks ago. I don't know if you pay attention to video/computer games like I do, but Telltale Games just released a video game based off of these comics. I like Telltale Games for their iPad game series Puzzle Agent. Anyway! Fables is about fairy tale characters living amongst humans in NYC. & it is really interesting to see all the references they make to things that happened in the storybook. The characters are also totally not like the innocent, Disney-like, type that we're used to. They are murders, thieves, and even prostitutes. The comic book series is longgggggggggggggg. & my torrent king was able to get them all for me.Because, comics are not cheap.& I don't even read comics! But I like this one a lot!It's cool to see that Prince Charming is now a gigalo, that the big bad wolf is in love with Snow White. & that Beauty & Beast have martial issues. Check it out.

Hot Chocolate - My daily blood transfusion. Extra whip cream.

Corn Muffins - What? Omg. I'm not a muffin person, I'm not even a cupcake person. But, recently in my school cafeteria, something called me over to the corn muffins. & it was soooooooo good. But, while I was eating it, I kept coming across a chewy surprise. At first I was like oh, it's nuts.Then I thought it was some type of bland raisin.But noooooooo, it was actual corn niblets in the muffin!Pure bliss :']

Sherlock - The new BBC version. Have I recommended this before? I'm recommending it now because they have finally begun production on the third season. My friend was ready to kill me when I was not watching this. & I was too in love with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock.I still am.But, Benedict Cumberbatch does a phenomenal job. Such a good job, that I began to lust after his weirdly cuteness. It's definitely a very modern Sherlock Holmes, & they do it well to modernize the old books.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa - Which means 'the maze' in Hindi. I WISH I could unwatch this movie... to watch it again. Because it is a mystery movie, & when the mystery starts to unravel it gets even better. It's not on Netflix, I found it randomly on the internet. So, in the movie, a guy, Siddarth returns to India from America with his newlywed wife. He has inherited a small castle, which belonged to a king who is his ancestor. His father's friend, Badri, who is also like a father to him, tells him that the castle is cursed. Butttttt, he & his wife decide to live there anyway. Soon weird things start to happen & Badri & his whole family move into the castle to protect Siddarth & his wife. Things only get worse until Siddarth's college friend Aditya, a psychologist comes to stay at the castle. Only then do things start to get really funny & the mystery unravels.

Ghost Hunt - Anime on Netflix. I don't like to be scared. Seriously. I avoid all scary movies, scary situations & all of that. I do, however check out new animes on Netflix when I have the time. I started watching Ghost Hunt a few months ago. & I had to watch only one episode a day during the day haha, because I'm a punk. This anime is about supernatural happenings going on around Japan. Mai is a young school girl who gets hired by Naru who is a ghost hunter when he solves a case at her school. Mai also has a crush on Naru & also realizes she has her own psychic gift. Throughout the anime, Naru & Mai with their team of various ghost hunters solve cases & exercise demons. I have yet to finish this anime, but it is really good & interesting.

B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time: Another anime on Netflix. I loveeeee this anime. It reminded me so much of School Rumble. It's just a silly anime that focuses on high school students. In this anime, Yamada's is a high school girl who just wants to have a lot of sex with 100 guys. Lol she's like 15!But anyway, she's still a virgin & decides to pop her cherry with a guy who is also a virgin.She finally chooses some plain guy in her class, & the whole anime is about her trying to have sex with him. It's hilarious, because feelings start to emerge & Yamada's friends are no help. It's only 12 episodes, it's worth to waste a bit of your life over.
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