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Voice Actor/Actress Appreciation Post #2

I know it's kind of boring for me to do the same post on consecutive days... but it's just how I feel today. As for today's VA, I'd like to highlight Horie Yui. Horie Yui voiced several characters I really liked in their respective series, a few include: Kotori from the first two Da Capo seasons, Minori from Toradora, Eri from School Rumble, Ryuunosuke and his program, Maid-chan, from Sakurasou, and Akane from Yuru Yuri. Today I'd like to highlight her characters in Toradora, School Rumble, and Sakurasou.

Horie Yui (Image taken from:

To start off, Minori (better known by Minorin) in Toradora was a jumpy, energetic character for the vast majority of the series. While I generally don't like the extremely hyped, enthusiastic types of characters, something about Minori's character caught me. While she isn't even close to my favorite character from Toradora, Minori comes in second, I'd say. Even with her hype and energy she did have a few times where she was mad or depressed, just like any actual human. That was what I appreciated most about Minori's character. One cannot truly be eternally optimistic, it's just too perfect to believe, thus the depressed or mad side showed that to me, making me appreciate Minori's character a bit more. That isn't to say I hat how Minori is in the series in general, because with her energy often comes tons of laughs, even if it is an immature bit of a joke.

Kushieda Minori from Toradora (Image taken from:

The next character of Horie Yui's voice acting I'd like to highlight is Sawachika Eri from School Rumble. School Rumble as a series was focused primarily on being a romantic comedy, emphasis lying on the comedy in most cases. Of all the characters, I thought Eri was the most serious besides Yakumo. But anyways, even if she was the most serious, she was also a major tsundere (For those who don't know what tsundere means... Link: ). If I ever stress anything when talking about characters, I will stress tsunderes. Tsunderes are the most adorable characters ever, or so I find them to be. Anyways, Eri was the rich, blond girl whom despite having a rather cruel personality towards people she didn't know well, also had a soft side for her friends, or even potential boyfriends. Throughout the series, Eri would treat someone coldly one episode then extremely kindly the next.

Sawachika Eri from School Rumble (Image taken from:

Lastly, I'd like to introduce Ryuunosuke and Maid-chan from Sakurasou. Ryuunosuke is a rather antisocial guy who often locks himself away in his room, not even leaving to attend classes. He was an avid computer guy who knew how to create his own programs and whatnot. Maid-chan is one of his creations for the primary reason of answering his phone or emails when he's either not around or doesn't want to reply himself. By the end of the series, Ryuunosuke had come out of his room a bit more and attended classes, but still stuck to his computer interests in making games and/or other programs.

Ryuunosuke from Sakurasou (Image taken from:

Maid-Chan, Ryuunosuke's program from Sakurasou (Image taken from:

All in all, Horie Yui has VA-ed some amazing characters and a few more I expect to be introduced to in animes I plan to watch. Also, Yui is a musician and had a few insert songs for Da Capo and also has independent songs as well. Her songs are great and her voice is just incredible, even if I don't understand ever single word she's singing. Anywho, that's it for tonight, I'll be back tomorrow. G'night!~
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