Monday, December 23, 2013

Complete Series Review: School Rumble

So the anime School Rumble revolves around a series of relationships in high school. For the non romance fans don't worry. Its more comedy then romance. If you still don't believe me then look it up on YouTube. The series has two main character: Kenji Harima and Tenma Tsukamoto. Harima is in love with Tenma but Tenma is in love with Karasuma. This love Triangle is pretty crazy considering that Harima is a regular old thug, Tenma is not so much on the bright side, and Karasuma doesn't care about any of this this. All Karasuma wants to do is eat rice balls all day. Either way he's on this roller coaster.

Tenma has a hard time confessing to Karasuma and Harima has the same problem towards Tenma. One day Harima writes two letter: one a love letter to Tenma and the other which is his resignation from school. The thing is that he put the letters into the wrong envelope and tragedy strikes. Tenma gets the resignation letter and tries to convince Harima to stay in school while Harima is on a date with his male homeroom teacher. He couldn't get out of the date. His teacher isn't gay but it was just a coincidence that they went to the movies.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crunchyroll Manga -- How to Make It Better!

I recently with the new, Crunchyroll manga section.I find Crunchyroll's foray into manga to be a good first step. The question then becomes, what else can Crunchyroll do to get better?I have some thoughts there.

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Issue #25

December 8, 2013

North Republic Industries

Reading Habits

This post has absolutely nothing to do with music. Sadly, nor Hyouka.

I've always loved reading. I became a book addict at a very young age, and my love of reading has continued through primary school, high school and uni (where I am now). Discovering anime, and by extension manga in late 2010 has given me even more reading material. However, my manga revelation unfortunately coincided with an increased workload, which sadly continues to this day. This meant I needed to figure out a way to balance my book and manga reading.

Fairy Tail Manga Volume 32 Review

Fairy Tail Volume 32 Review

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