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5 Favorite Slice-of-Life Series

As some of you may know or noticed, I'm a huge fan of slice-of-life series. Nothing makes me happier than to unwind with some lighthearted, fun series that usually are slice-of-life. Slice-of-life in anime refers to series with little plot and character development. More often than not, the series are filled with comedic moments.

You probably already know that, don't you?

Anyway, the list below is my favorite slice-of-life series, not arranged in any particular order.


introduced me to slice-of-life. It showed me that anime doesn't have to long and whiny (okay, maybe not whiny) like One Piece and Naruto. And that I have the option for some short, pointless but fun series. Fine, I'm exaggerating but I think you know how I felt about the discovery. It's super fun! I remember thinking that "hey, this anime is fun & so easy to watch".

That really is the beginning of my "obsession" with slice-of-life.


Are you guys even surprised I listed this? With most of my random posts filled with images of Konata and with being constantly mentioned, my guess is that you're not surprised. It's hard not to like Lucky Star. There were a lot of aha! moments, the "yes, I feel the same way" moments, the "I did that too" moments. It did bring back some childhood memories like how Konata and Tsukasa went "ahhhh" in front of the fan during hot summer. I got scolded by adults back then. The most memorable scene is perhaps when Kuroi-sensei got the "This page cannot be displayed" error messages when she finally had some downtime and decided to go online. Don't we get that a lot? Or is it really only me?


I first watched on national television channel irregularly. If I remember correctly, it was dubbed in Malay. I'm not a fan of anything dubbed, but I remember finding this series to be exceptionally interesting compared to the other magical girls-related series that were also on TV. Before I know it, I was watching two seasons of School Rumble subbed.

The funniest thing about School Rumble is the antics of Harima & Sawachika. Their interactions often result in extreme circumstances, bringing many laughters. The good news is - they aren't the only ones who are funny! Even the side characters never fail to make audience laugh. It's really a great series to laugh with. Never let you down on that one.


I remember reading good reviews about on various anime blogs before I finally gave in and watched. At first, I wasn't quite sure how I feel about the arrangement of the episode sequence. It took me a while to get used to it. I marathon-ed the first two seasons over a week-long holiday (Hari Raya I think?) and fell in love with the serenity of the series. I mean, the noisiest of the bunch is genki-girl Miyako and really, it's considered mild compared to the likes of Ritsu from K-ON!, in my opinion.

What sets Hidamari Sketch apart from other slice-of-life series mentioned here is that the girls work towards a common goal. It's like there's something at the end of the tunnel. A goal waiting to be achieved by the characters. In recent seasons, it showed that the seniors, Hiro and Sae, were struggling with the decisions regarding their future. I don't know if I'll feel the same way about Hidamari Sketch should Hiro and Sae no longer be a regular part of the series upon graduating. I hope that doesn't happen


Having an astounding artwork is one of the many things I like about . But the most important factor is its healing effect. Out of the five titles listed, Tamayura has the best healing/soothing effect. It's not that I'm escaping anything from my daily worries/obligations/responsibilities, but Tamayura does bring the calming effect. It could be the tranquil sceneries, the places Potte would go to or do, the appreciation the girls show for almost anything their doing, etc. I don't really know for sure, but it makes me a tad relaxed watching this series. I'm so looking forward to the ! Erm it's still happening right? I'm kinda out of touch with anime news (for the time being >.
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